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Intelligent Customer Experience

Acting on Intelligent Customer Experience

Intelligent Customer Experience by Clarabridge, or Clarabridge ICE was built specifically to enable businesses to listen, analyze and act on the voice of the customer intelligently. In real-time. All the time. That is the single focus of Clarabridge.

As Clarabridge harnesses all available sources of consumer feedback generated during the customer journey, facts and context, sentiment and emotion are monitored, measured and routed to the right audience at the right time. Clarabridge enables companies to increase revenues, decrease costs, and centrally manage the customer experience.

Clarabridge ICE Includes 3 key components

Clarabridge Intelligence Platform, Clarabridge Analyze,
and Clarabridge Act. Here is Pricing.


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What You Buy

A centralized hub enabling analysts and business users to intelligently listen, analyze, act and measure customer experience.

Clarabridge Intelligence Platform
Powered by VOC Data Engines, Clarabridge Connect, algorithms and templates, Clarabridge Intelligence Platform is the "brains" behind the ICE Suite and is what has differentiated Clarabridge from the beginning.
Clarabridge Analyze
Built for the power analyst, Clarabridge Analyze enables users to administer, configure and analyze customer feedback with ease. Users can "slice and dice" customer data any which way, manage classification and sentiment, identify and document insights through flexible dashboards, One-Click Root Cause and One-Click Insights.
Clarabridge Act
Clarabridge Act enables companies to empower their front line employees with the necessary CEM data to take action and drive customer satisfaction as it is occurring. Designed for business users, Act has real-time scorecard, dashboard reporting, collaboration and engagement, all in one comprehensive solution. Users can measure the health of their business with the Scorecard and Overall Health Index, collaborate and distribute reports to team members and engage directly with customers to close the loop and develop a more personal, meaningful relationship.

What Powers It

The "brains" behind the power; built for business users and consistently improved through large investments in technology and people

Data Collection
The Clarabridge Intelligence Platform makes data collection easy through Clarabridge Connect. Users can take advantage of an ever-growing list of out-of-the-box connectors to sources like Twitter, Facebook, Radian6,, Gnip, Bazaarvoice, Lithium, Microsoft Excel and more. For sources not yet featured in the product, the Clarabridge Connector Framework makes it easy to collect data through our open and documented APIs and alternative integration options. Clarabridge also includes the Clarabridge Ad-Hoc Uploader, a feature enabling business users and analysts to self-service. Utilizing Clarabridge Connect, business users and analysts can upload one-time or schedule uploads in various formats.
Natural Language Processing
The most advanced, globalized, hi-fidelity Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine on the market. After collecting feedback data, Clarabridge uses NLP to parse every comment and sentence, extracting parts of speech, linguistic relationships and facts. With out-of-the-box and customizable lexicons for commonly misspelled words, acronyms, noun and subjective assessment dictionaries, the Clarabridge NLP engine understands the syntax and context of all the elements of text. This rich, transformed data is then stored in an analytical database primed and ready to be organized and tagged for your business.
Structured Data Joiner
Text and sentiment analysis would be lost without structured data. Time, location, itemID, promotion code, review rating, structured data provides the "What" and the "Where". The Clarabridge Structured Data Joiner ensures that any structured data is kept alongside the associated text feedback. Clarabridge can also use structured information to pull additional details from other internal applications or data warehouses.
Classification Suite
The Clarabridge Classification Suite accelerates analysis by automatically classifying topics and themes. Clarabridge enables users to instantaneously classify data using a combination of four major features: Out-of-the-box industry and business templates, rules-based modeling, auto-classification through Clarabridge's patent pending Theme Detection algorithm, and machine learning. This tool kit makes it easy to produce high-quality, precise classification models for analysis across any line of business.
Sentiment Manager
Accurate, linguistically-based sentiment analysis unlocks tremendous insight about attitudes expressed in feedback. Clarabridge performs advanced sentiment scoring out-of-the-box. Using a variety of linguistic techniques advanced sentiment scoring automatically understands negation, conditional sentiment, and other linguistic nuances to provide an accurate context. Users can easily go into Clarabridge and change how negatively (or positively) a word, phrase or linguistic construct is scored. Sentiment is scored at the sentence, word, phrase, linguistic construct, or at the clause level enabling scores to be rolled up to higher levels of aggregation (e.g., categories, regions, products, etc.).
Enterprise Integration
Increasingly important in the world of CEM is the ability to integrate feedback data with the rest of a company’s customer facing ecosystem. Leverage current investements by integrating with upstream sources of data (social media, email, survey, call center notes, agent chats, etc.) and downstream systems (e.g. workflow engines, engagement applications, traditional CRM systems and in-house or commercial business intelligence (BI) tools).

How You Buy It

Fully hosted SaaS solution in the cloud or On-Premise, pick the right solution for you

Clarabridge Software as a Service
Clarabridge’s SaaS deployment is a hassle-free way to start using Clarabridge ICE without the need to buy servers, train administrators, or deploy any software. Clarabridge SaaS infrastructure provides the highest levels of reliability and performance in the industry, ensuring secure access to your data from anywhere in the world.
Clarabridge On-Premise Term License
Clarabridge On-Premise solution is perfect for companies that wish to install, manage and maintain their Clarabridge installation behind their corporate firewall. Consider Clarabridge's On-Premise solution if your business requires: that all company data reside behind your corporate firewall, that IT install, manage and maintain all third-party applications or you are required to meet internal compliance guidelines governing company data management.