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Listen To Your Customers, They're Talking.

Customer Experience Management

What would happen if any time a customer said something about you, good or bad, you could learn from it and act?

What if you could find the patterns being broadcast over email, social media or surveys, and break them down into causes and action items?

Imagine being able to intervene at key points in a customer’s journey and nudge them toward a more loyal and profitable relationship – wouldn’t that be awesome?
Clarabridge CEM Process

With Clarabridge’s intelligent Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution, these are not hypotheticals. Clarabridge’s Intelligence Platform makes real action possible with insights from countless outlets. The customer landscape has changed, and companies that want to evolve with it must weave CEM into the very fabric of their culture.

And what if you don’t? We don’t even want to imagine.

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Understanding Unstructured Customer Feedback

Clarabridge crunches unstructured feedback the way others crunch numbers, and the outputs are just as revealing.

Collect Feedback From All Listening Posts
You likely receive customer or employee feedback from a variety of sources: surveys, social media, call center notes, emails, live chat—the list of internal and external sources goes on. Where some providers do a good job of logging the words of the customer in one or more of these settings, Clarabridge will set up an integrated program across all channels. Clarabridge uses leading linguistics technology to decipher the meaning from unstructured feedback and convert it to quantitative and easily-consumed reports. That way you can have a full view of the issues at all times and make sound decisions based on intelligent, comprehensive data.
Transform Unstructured Feedback Into Measurable Units
Clarabridge can make sense of written feedback with a powerful platform that combines linguistics technology with Big Data analytics. Clarabridge's Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine extracts meaning from unstructured feedback, apply sentiment, and organizes the info into bite-sized, quantifiable pieces that can be reported and acted on. We’ll even structure the output in a way that works for you.
Deliver Information To Those Who Need It
Customer feedback affects everyone in the organization, from sales to operations. Clarabridge's intelligent CEM solution is designed for both the Power User and Business Users. Power users can "slice and dice" the data in any which way to take them as far into the weeks as they want to go. Whereas, business users have scorecard and dashboards that provide a clean high-level view. The solution will also raise flags proactively so team members can respond early, and it can integrate with existing business intelligence systems.

Enterprise-wide Applications

Clarabridge helps companies embed CEM throughout their organizations to raise their game, from Customer Service to R&D.

Boost Existing Cem Initiatives
Smart companies already have an active CEM program and are fervently trying to listen and respond to the voice of the customer. Clarabridge can seamlessly complement existing CEM efforts by integrating customer feedback from your multiple listening posts into our centralized hub for a 360 degree view of your customer. Clarabridge can help identify strategic insights to refine your initiative and centralize all CEM activities.
Develop Innovative Products Earlier
Your customers often have a lot to say about current products, and they willingly sing praises or lament deficiencies in numerous forums. Customer feedback, warranty information and other unstructured data sources can be rich sources of information about how to improve products. Clarabridge can raise flags early so that you better address customer issues and are first to market with innovative new offerings.
Deliver Better Customer Service
Customers may interact with your company in a variety of ways, like speaking with a customer service representative at a call center, checking in at your front desk or making a purchase from your website, to name a few. Capturing and analyzing data from call center notes, surveys or online reviews will ensure that you identify breakdowns in service delivery and opportunities for improvement swiftly.
Improve Sales & Marketing
Your sales and marketing teams are responsible for communicating your company's value proposition and are expected to be both market and product experts. Clarabridge helps arm them with the information they need by analyzing customer feedback and turning it into insights. Text and sentiment analysis can help you understand what drives loyalty, how to communicate ongoing ROI, what the trends are in the market and where the opportunities are for cross-selling and up-selling.
Tighten Operations
Customers expect a consistent and positive experience when interacting with your enterprise, whether in-store, on the phone or on-line. When used across customer feedback channels, Clarabridge's CEM solution will help you see areas for operational improvement, like which regions need best practices training, why certain stores have fallen short of performance goals and what factors contribute to the highest satisfaction scores.
Leverage Insights From Social Media
Without a way to gather the intelligence from social media sources, it's easy for marketing and PR teams to get overwhelmed by the continuous conversation stream. Clarabridge's Social can integrate feedback from various social sources standardizing the different scoring systems enables companies to learn exactly what is delighting or frustrating your customers. You'll know in real time how business decisions impact your customers, who the key influencers are to your brand's online reputation and how to tailor products and communications to meet customer needs.
Enhance Human Resources Practices
Employees have plenty of opinions and ideas about the enterprise—just ask. Make them feel heard with Clarabridge's text and sentiment analytics software, which can uncover insights from internal surveys, emails and other sources to bring about innovation and lead to best practices. You'll find out what drives employee satisfaction and productivity, which can trickle down and allow you to best serve your customers, too.
Strengthen Finance & Risk Management
Adjuster notes, claims documents and warranty information are often overlooked sources of feedback, but knowing what trends and issues they contain can have a dramatic impact on your financials. Clarabridge can mine these sources for insights that lead to better claim handling, fraud identification, substantiation of claims and prediction of trends and spikes that can leave your company vulnerable if left undetected.

Industry Applications

Extensive experience has led to industry-specific feature development, and we'll continue to provide features to support your goals.

Provide Guests With Unparalleled Service
Clarabridge has many clients in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Retail sectors and has extensive knowledge of their respective customer feedback channels and key opportunities for strategic insight.
Offer And Refine Relevant Consumer Products And Services
Consumers expect different things from different services. Clarabridge has helped clients within the Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Healthcare and Transportation industries learn how to exceed customer expectations with new or improved offerings.
Enable B2b Customers To Maximize Profitable Relationships
When your customer is another company, you're both responsible for making sure the end user has a good experience. Clarabridge has helped many of its B2B clients make that a reality in the Pharmaceutical, Technology and Telecommunications realms.